Product Management


10 weeks of lectures


Certificate of Completion


Online or Self-paces


2 - 4 months


1:1 weekly coaching

Switch to product management with 10 live or on-demand lectures, 1:1 coaching and hands-on experience.

$ 2,250.00 USD
$ 4,250.00 USD

What you'll get?

100% online training
10 weeks of lectures you can do live or at your own pace, lead by industry experts.
1:1 support
Weekly sessions with mentors hat are leading experts at start-ups and FAANG.
Portfolio Project
Apply classroom knowledge and create a case study with your team and mentor.
Company Project
Hands-on experience working on a real project for a founder, start-up, non-profit.

Here's all the benefits of joining...

  1. Weekly 1:1 coaching: get support from industry leaders every week!
  2. Community: interact with fellow learners, and seek valuable career advice from all of the mentors, coaches and instructors
  3. Homework and exercises: Weekly, expect engaging homework to reinforce covered topics with dedicated support from your instructor and mentor.
  4. Guest speakers and workshops: Be inspired and gain firsthand, practical insights from industry leaders on lecture topics and your career.
  5. Hands-on experience: get matched up with a real company, non-profit, founders, start-up to work on a real project you can showcase on your resume.
  6. Career support: add on extra mentorship to help you search for a job and practice for interviews.
  7. Start-up vs. large company difference: learn how product management differs across roles, companies and teams so you're prepared for any job.
  8. Portfolio project: work on a case study with your mentor to solidify your learnings.

What you'll learn?

Lesson 1: What is Product Management?
  • Differences in product roles across industries, skill sets, and companies
  • Product Development Process, Product Life Cycle, The Trifecta Model
Lesson 2: Develop Product Thinking
  • The Three Layers of Product Thinking and thinking creatively
  • Evaluating, improving and creating a new product - GAPS Framework
Lesson 3: Product Strategy
  • Product strategy principles, formula, documentation, reviews to get leadership support.
  • Examples of different types of strategies for teams, products, features.
Lesson 4: Product Discovery
  • Finding problems to solve, and brainstorming solutions
  • 3 types of product discovery processes, continuous product discovery
Lesson 5: User Research
  • User personas, customer profiles, customer journey mapping
  • Types of research, customer surveys, user research process, usability testing, collecting and analyzing data
Lesson 6: Product Requirements and Roadmap
  • Product requirements, user stories, product briefs, product roadmaps, product planning process
  • Minimal viable product, solution vs. problem space, feature vs. product
Lesson 7: Project Management
  • Project management process, stakeholder management, influence, communication, organization
  • Development Methodologies
Lesson 8: Product Design
  • Human-centered design, user experience, user interface design, building great products across mobile, web, virtual reality
  • Product design process, user experience thinking, 5 planes of user experience
  • Wire-framing, low vs. high fidelity, information architecture, user flows, prototyping, brand
Lesson 9: Product Metrics & Analytics
  • Product analytics intro, workflows, metrics, frameworks
  • Measuring success, implementation and analysis
Lesson 10: Product Growth & Go to Market
  • Different marketing disciplines, digital marketing funnels, marketing tactics, product marketing intro, go to market plan
  • Revenue models, pricing strategies, product growth, product launch
BONUS Lesson 11: Tech Skills for Product Managers
  • Learn computer programming concepts from basics, systems design, APIs, into to new technologies, the tech stack, no code solutions and additional coding resources.

Who this course is for?

  1. Anyone looking to transition to and get a job in product management.
  2. Career Switchers & Second Careers: Ready for a new direction? Transition smoothly into your next chapter.
  3. MBA Graduates: Applying your transferable professional skills in a fresh and in-demand way in product.
  4. Recent Graduates: Step confidently into your first job by learning skills you didn’t get at school.
  5. PhD Candidates: Leave academia and translate your specialized skills into a new career.
  6. Returning Parents: Come back to the workforce with a new role and be more prepared than ever before.
  7. Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Launch your product.
  8. Freelancers: Start a side hustle as a freelancer, consultant, and fractional product leader.

Your Instructor

My path into product wasn’t easy. I started off as a business grad, bounced back after a few lay-offs, and moved to the US for work! I’m excited to make the journey easier for you.

  • I have 10+ years of experience as a Product Manager, Product Designer and entrepreneur scaling products at top-tier tech companies like Shopify and Meta (Oculus, Instagram, Facebook).
  • I taught and developed curriculum at General Assembly, mentored 150+ people switching to Product Management, and have done dozens of interviews.
  • As a 3x founder, I grew a SaaS product to $1M in annual revenue, established a thriving non-profit, worked as a Fractional Product Leader, and always launched “side hustles”.

And because I love a cherry
on top - let's talk extras!

I want you to have everything you need to succeed and included these free bonuses…
Course: Switch Careers
Advice for your specific industry (i.e. Product Management).
50+ Templates
Templates you can use right away to get a job and to do the job!
Freelancing Training Video
Use your skills to start your freelancing or fractional leadership career.
First 90 Days on the Job Guide
Guide for the first 90 days on the job with template roadmaps.

Supported by mentors with 10+ years of experience

Founder, Sage
Fmr PM - Meta, Shopify
Jc Zhang
Sr Product Manager, Zappos
Fmr - Meta
Co-founder, Stelo Labs
Fmr PM - Meta, Square
Director of Product, Acorns

Fmr - Udemy, HackerOne
Product Lead - Samsara
Fmr - 9fin, Deutsche Bank
Group Product Manager at Walmart eCommerce
Quantitative User Researcher

Content Manager Carta
Fmr - NerdWallet, Pinterest

Financing Options

We believe in growth for all, which is why we provide various payment options.
Get access to the course for free by volunteering with out community!
Spread out your tuition payments through out the program with installments
Employer Sponsorship
We offer reference letters and certificates, for workplace education benefits.
We have 20 scholarships available!
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