Pivot your career

Feeling a bit lost in your career direction? You're not alone!

Join our community to get matched to work on a real industry project, get the right skills and jump-start your new career.
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Discover your new path and bring clarity to your work transitions and do purposeful work, you don’t need a vacation from.
Enroll in optional training bootcamps with 1:1 mentorship from a mentor that has 10+ years of experience in the industry.
Work on part-time projects for real start-ups, founders and non-profits that are making a difference.
Get career support with events, series and coaching to figure out your purpose, switch careers and land a new role.
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Step 1: Discover

Pivot With Clarity: Community

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Access to projects at companies

Apply to work part-time with companies and non-profits

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Members only Slack community

Exchange perspectives, practice interviewing, get referrals.

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Live events, and group coaching

Get practical tips to switch careers and find purpose.

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Online wellness classes

Coaches, therapists, breathwork and yoga instructors taing care of your health online.

Step 2: Learn

Online live, tech programs with 1:1 coaching

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Programs teaching you tech skills

Learn live, 100% online and on-demand

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Taught by top leaders in tech

Learn from experienced instructors.

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Portfolio project

Build an impressive portfolio to show recruiters.

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Weekly 1:1 coaching

Sessions with experts in residence.

* Skip to Step 3 if you already completed a bootcamp or training program.

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Step 3: Apply

Work experience you need to get hired

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Get matched with real projects

Apply to projects posted by founders, companies and non-profits.

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1:1 support while you work

Mentors with 10+ years of industry experience will help you with your project.

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Get real team experience in tech

Pair up with others in the community to tackle projects together.

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Give back while boosting your resume

Work with non-profits that are making a difference in the world.

Step 4: Launch

Launch your career with support, AI and automation

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On-demand courses

Discover your path, switch careers and land a new role through 100+ online videos.

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100+ resources

Assessments, exercises, template library and guides to help you switch careers.

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Career coaching

Book sessions with experts that will help you with interview prep, resume review, and applications.

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AI tools and automation

Find your career direction, switch careers, and land your next job with AI-powered tools and automation.

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Wall of Love

Choose Your Path

Figuring out what to do next? Join our community for support.
Finished a bootcamp?
Dive into a real project and get help landing a job
Here to learn? Join one of our programs.
1:1 Coaching


Everything in Membership +

1 call per month (60min/call)

Unlimited Q&A via email or Whatsapp

Expect responses in 48 hours or less

Hands-on support

Additional calls on request

Book a Call


Private community

Live group coaching with Angelina, events, and guest speakers covering purpose, careers, wellbeing and more.

On-demand courses like Switch Careers, Master Interviews.

Wellness experts and classes

Chat with mentors (10+ years of experience)

Discounts on coaching and programs

100+ templates, resources and exercises

Join Now
Live Programs



Everything in Membership +

4-10 weeks live lectures based on program

1:1 weekly coaching

Portfolio project

On-demand and lifetime access

Priority access to projects with companies and non-profits


Who is this for:

Switching careers, your second career

Recent grad, MBA or PhD

Starting or early in your career

Aspiring freelancer or entreprenur

Finished a bootcamp or training

Moving from academia into industry

Parents returning to work

Tech professionals: Product Managers,
Designers, User Researchers, Program Managers and more

Anyone that wants to switch into tech

Who is this not for:

Not committed to finding your path

Undergrad students

No past experience (internships count)

Want to level up in the same role

Need a hand with the cost?

We believe in accessible education for everyone! This is why we provide various payment options and even an option to volunteer for full access to prgrams.
Volunteer for free access
Get access to everything for free, if you give back your time to the community!
Payment Plans
Pay over six months for any of our bootcamps.
Employer Sponsorship
Use your workplace education benefits for the bootcamps.
Ask for sample letter.
Get part or all of your bootcamp learning covered.

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Why does all of this matter?

Struggling to switch careers? I know how hard it can be.

Lacking motivation, burnt-out or recently let go? You're not alone.

Our world, educational and work institutions are in a pivotal time of change. People are feeling the shift and asking "how do we prepare?".

People that are switching careers face a classic conundrum...to secure a job, you need experience; and to to gain that experience, you need a job. Others are questioning how they can find more balance and meaningful work as our society experiences a purpose crisis.

My mission is to guide people through life and career pivots, so everyone can live in a harmonious yet meaningful way. The first step is to make education, career and mental health support accessible to everyone asking "what's next?".

That's why Pivot With Clarity community exits.

- Angelina Fomina

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The most common questions

Are the bootcamps optional? Can I just join the community?

Is the community free to join?

Do you offer scholarships for the bootcamps?

Can I complete the bootcamps online?

What is the time commitment for the bootcamps and projects?

How do I enroll in the bootcamp?

How does the hands-on experience work?

How is this program different from other bootcamps?

What if I can't attend a class or coaching session?

Can I get my company to pay for this?

How much career support do I get?

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Switching careers should be a breeze...

Making a change in life and your career can be daunting. Have a look through our articles for some tips and tricks to get your started.