Get help on any design, product, research, content and tech task

Get matched with trained professionals who are trained Product Managers, Product Designers, User Researchers, Content Designers and more in tech.
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Choose projects that fit your specific needs. We're here to help you craft one!
Get Matched
We'll source, vet and match you with candidates. Final sign-off is on you!
Onboarding on Us
We onboard and set-up your talent.
One-click contracts also on us.
1:1 Support
Mentors with 10+ years of experience will support the projects and your talent.

Rigorously trained, resourced, onboarded and supervised for you

Prior work experience

Our candidates, each with at least 2 years of professional background and are motivated, proactive, collaborative.

Coaches with 10+ years experience

With the support of our experienced mentors on each project (10+ years in the industry), you can be confident that talent is supported.
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Onboarded and resourced

Talent is onboarded by us, and is fully equipped with support from mentors, templates and resources to do well on your project!

Trained by top tech leaders

All talent completed our intensive training, and can contribute effectively to your project right away.

You choose the duration and type of commitment

You are in charge of the project duration, involvement and task. We'll help you put in the right request. Projects last from 1 to 6 months.
Per Tasks
Assign one task at a time like competitive research, QA, customer research, content refresh.

Request a specific project like 20 usability tests with recruitment, a product brief for a new area, customer journey workshop, and more.
Work with your talent for 10 - 20 hours a week. Embed them into your organization or assign tasks indepedently.

Replace freelancers, contract and part-time talent

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Try before you hire full-time

Evaluate a candidate’s fit with a short-term project, and easily transition them full time.

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Give your senior staff the chance to lead

So your senior talent doesn't spend time on execution, entry-level tasks.

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Bring on a fresh perspective

Get help running hackathons or innovation sprints to spark creativity.

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Explore new initiatives

Explore new ideas and adjacent features without disrupting your team.

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Who are you?

You're looking for flexible and trained tech talent in Product Management, Design, User Research, Content Writing, Program Management and more.
Agency or Fractional Leader
Fit perfectly into short-term gigs and replace freelancers from UpWork that don't do quality work.
Start-up Hiring Associates & Interns
Skip the traditional freelancer hunt; our trained professionals come with expert oversight, reducing hiring risks
Resource strapped start-ups can get 10+ years of industry expertise for free, through their student project.
With tight budgets, finally get access to new tech skills and move your digital projects and presence forward.

What kind of work can I request?

We'll work directly with you to craft a project perfect and valuable to your company and goals. Here's just an example...
User Research & Testing
Recruit participants for usability studies, write research briefs, questions, conduct interviews, collect and organize findings.
Market & Competitive Research
Research externally and collect internal data to write briefs on the opportunity, customer, competitive landscape
Customer Feedback & Engagement
Create sequences that  reach-out to existing customers, collect their concerns, and keep them engaged.
Product & Feature Launches
Do QA, handle launch check-lists, create blog posts, support documents and training collateral for new feature launches.
UI/X Tasks
Work on individual feature designs, help organize design files, create design systems, finalize presentations for clients.
Project Management
Use tools like Jira to create stories and tasks from product briefs, priorotize bugs and backlog.
Test product after every build for bigs, quality and experience. Conduct dogfooding sessions and collect feedback.
UX Content
Write draft content for your product and features, release notes, notifications and emails.

The most common questions

How does this work?

Will I get support?

What are the projects like?

How much does the program cost?

What is the time commitment?

How does the hands-on experience work?

What kind of project can I request?