We're feeling the shift...

With a rapidly shifting workplace culture, lay-offs, and certain jobs becoming obsolete, the nature of work will continue to change and impact our stability, and career trajectory and heighten anxieties about how to prepare for the future of work.

Millions of people will require new skills, career guidance, and transitions into new roles.

Yet, our existing education and work institutions are falling short in providing the necessary support for individuals to pivot careers quickly and effectively, especially in terms of gaining real-world, hands-on experience. After completing existing retraining students have to secure employment on their own.

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The future of work and education is here.

Tech Shift: OECD estimates 14% of jobs will vanish and 32% will change within 15-20 years, already two-thirds of workers are considering retraining.

Rise in Freelancers: 38% of workers, especially Gen Z and Millennials, are now freelancing or launching side hustles - shift towards flexible work.

Education Alternatives: Students are increasingly skipping college to avoid debt and seeking practical, job-ready alternatives.

Graduates face a classic conundrum...to secure a job, you need experience; and to to gain that experience, you need a job

Existing professional development boot camps like General Assembly, Product School, Career Foundrythat cost on average $8,000 don’t have an option for students to practice what they have learned outside of the classroom.

Yet, getting “hands-on” experience is one of the most effective learning methods (experiential learning theory). According to the 70-20-10 model, 70% of learning comes from on-the-job experience that bootcamps don’t currently offer.

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We're not just about learning: but also doing.

We've developed and refined a 4-step approach to learning that actually works, and helps you switch careers.

Forget the old "experience required" catch-22. We help you get career-ready skills and land a new role with personalized coaching from industry experts and real world experience with external client projects.

We help you turn what you've learned into courses, boot-camps, schools (including ours) into experience and expertise employers are looking for to jump-start your new career.

Best of all, you'll get real experience so you can test out a career before you invest all of your energy into switching.

This community and program is the only one that personally matches students and professionals looking to pivot their careers with real startups, founders, agencies, accelerators, and non-profits to work on a project-based case study. You'll work part of a remote team individually or with other cross-functional classmates part of your cohort.

You'll gain hands-on apprenticeship training after completing lectures.

Already finished a bootcamp? No problem. Just join for the "externship".