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As a business grad and Canadian, I had to hustle my way into Product Management and the US. It wasn't easy, as I am sure it's not easy for you. So if your dream is to become a Product Manager, and you've tried everything - courses, training, interviews, I'm here to help and give you exact advice on what to do.

Ways to break into PM
Leveraging your strengths and transferable skills
LinkedIn Networking Strategies
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Master the Product Management Interview

I was so nervous about my Google PM interviews, that I cancelled them the first time around.

DON’T let that be you. Steal my frameworks to pass any interview.

Gain the confidence you need to interview at any company - early stage start-up, directly with the hiring manager or at a big tech.

Interview prep the right way, for any interview
Develop product thinking
Stand out in interviews
Craft product management case studies
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